Sunday, April 10, 2011

April livin'

Oiiiiii gente

Quick update, well what's been happening in the last week...pretty much general school life. Which is thoroughly enjoyable. I've actually gotten to the point where I am waking up at 6.17 every day leaping out of bed to go to school because 1) I don't have to do ANYTHING 2) All my friends are there and 3) my class is ridiiiculously fun and nice and just generally full of great people! It's kinda a ding dang because some of them have been there together since they were like 2 years old and everything is done in the sammeee class samee people and they know each other inside out so they have this whole family type thing goin' on. Which is nice! But could have been awks to shimmey into you know what I mean?

But it's actually not like this at ALL everyone is tooo beautifully welcoming and I have nuzzled into their warm embrace with glee. We actually get up to so much ridiculous shit and right now Imma take full responsibility for anyone not passing their university entrance tests...

Ok every day is a new day with it..por ejemplo..tuesday we had double geography and I actually understood the whole thing! It was such a beautiful epiphany like I just wiped all the water of the windscreen and could see everything clearly, and then we went down for recess and I couldn't understand anything my friends were saying. And then yesterday I met a guy whose mum works at my building (he is literally the guy version of me..nothing is better) and we talked for 3 hours straight only in porto like SUPER fast about 3947 different subjects and it was awesome! And then some days I can't be fucked and just say it in you know..getting there slowly!

On Saturday my Rotary district had this nations fair, where all the exchange students get together and have a table with stuff from their country to help next years exchange students choose where to go. We had fairy bread (yes people this is australian I didn't know this..?) ANZAC biscuits..and we WERE going to have a pav and lamingtons but 20 eggs and a failure oven later we had nothing. But we did have heaps of cute little trinkets and people were easily impressed when we told them I had kangaroos at my house. So pretty much, we would talk to someone and they be wantin to go to like germany or canada or something and without failure five minutes of our ridiculously enthusiastic blabbering later they had changed their minds :)

I didn't realise the little things I loved about Aus until I had to persuade people to go there! And anyway it was basically just a day of wearing the flag as a cape and jumping around spontaneously with the other exchange students.

This Thursday, we all have to go to a rotary district conference where old men talk about rotary programs etc. boring right? WRONG. YOU ARE SO WRONG. It is actualllllly a free 4 day cruise to Rio de Janeiro!


So obviously, really really looking forward to that. I got my flippy floppies. And it's all you can eat so you know, generally, my paradise! The other day I ate porkchops till I was in crippling pain and today I had 5 different desserts with lunch..sooo off to the gym for a nice 3 hours tomorrow I'm thinking haha.

Beijos a todos! XXXX

(also, if you haven't tried longboarding before...get to it. It's like surfing but on a skate board type thing...just the cruisest thing ever..especially around my sussa little seaside city!)

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  1. You are so fat Sarah!
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