Monday, April 25, 2011

My nautical experience..I'M ON A BOAT

Well, those who are keepin up a good stalk would know that last weekend I went on a bit of a cruise. Bit of a 4-day all expenses paid cruise to Rio and Buzios with around 25 other crazy amazing exchange students! When we all arrived at the terminal thing we were all jumping around wildly, taking photos, wearing weird rotary hats and singing the "i'm on a boat" song. Actually, that pretty much sums up the whole cruise (except for the hats thing..we took them off pretty quick haha)

So pretty much we have a floating hotel..massive pool area, restaurants, bars everywhere, but the cabins were like smaller than a standard fit 4 people and all their bags..haha but it was all good because we had a flexible room. Ie. two of us had done ballet and the other two did gymnastics, so we managed!

Our days were basically filled with poolside chills, sun baking, so SO much dancing, not nearly enough sleep, extreme over-eating (we're talking at least 4 meals per day..20 desserts in 3 days) , staying up to watch the sunrise...then watching it set on the same day on the very top of the boat..getting in trouble for being on the very top of the boat..Aussie reppin..(one of the other aussies tied up a flag amongst alll the white rotary ones haha such a win)..getting off at Buzios and jumping off the pier with the locals (a gorgeous little island with cute boutiques, cobblestone roads and the cruisiest vibe) playing that -never have I ever- game in over-crowded spas..going to night cabaret shows...constantly singing the on a boat song and stating what one was doing and always finishing with..on a boat...

hilarious 5 course dinners..being too poor to pay $2 for water at the fancy restaurants so just eating the ice out of wineglasses...become absolute besties with our waitress Jackeline (she gave us all of the 3 desserts each night when you can only order one)..gettin dowwwn at the balada (word for clubs) with mexicans..actually just gettin dowwn with people from every country..saying REOW suggestively with a cat like hand movement...waking up at midday in Rio to lunch and a crazy samba carneval-style presentation...volunteering myself to shimmey with the sambistas in front of everyone on da boat...pumping up the sweet tunes of happiness from cat empire with the other aussie under the burning sun..winning keyrings in arvo soccer games..hanging pajama pants in the cracks of the ceiling just cause I can..toooo many laughs... befriending the cutest six year old girl at the tropical party night and just dancing and jumping around crazily with her and the exchangies under the stars..(when we left she was crying so her parents took her to the club to find us and dance with us again!! Hahha ohhh really don't care about rules do you...) ...spontaneous first aid missions ..and yeah just generally being woken up too early, regretting not sleeping more the night before but staying up late again anyway..

All in all...a really fun time that went WAY too quickly! I don't know how I can ever ever thank Rotary for giving us this amazing opportunity, most of us had never been on a cruise and yeah it was just truly amazing. Such a brilliant way to spend my final days of being 17. Photos are up on facey!


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