Sunday, March 27, 2011

So it's been over a month...

People, I thought I would be great at the blogging thing. Oh how wrong I was..I just end up with big chunks of turbo-information and now I've just been silent for about 4 weeks. FAIL.

SO at the start of March Brazil had carnaval! For those that don't know..or haven't seen that Simpsons's generally just a week where everybody stops work and school to relax or party. I like their style. Carnaval is one of the national icons of Brazil because they have the big samba school competitions in Rio and Sao Paulo with crazy floats that usually have a gorgeous sambista in a tiny sparkly bikini and hundreds of drummers / dancers / people in crazy cool costumes following just getting loose to samba and loving life.

My family went to an inland city to visit relatives and it was raining EVERYWHERE so we just had a quiet one, but I got to watch the parades on tv and they were seriously amazing! When I come back to Brazil being in one of these parades is on my bucket list :)

Well..what else is new...? I changed classes at school! Now I'm in 3rd year..which is more like yr 12, and I must say, they are pretty cool cats. Super welcoming and just generally awesome..I can tell we're all going to be so tight by the end of the year! But I've been so lucky to have two really cool classes, of course I miss my friends from 2nd year because they kind of like 'raised me' here (and taught me all the swear words on the first day) haha but they're just down the hall and we have recess with everyone and party together still so it's all good!

I have been able to go out a lot more with friends which has been really good, for a while there I had a moment of homesickness missing everyone in Australia, and I still miss you all alot but at least now I can go out and do things that I'm used to doing on weekends :)

It's been two months here already, and I simply can't believe it. Like SO much has happened, but it seems like in an instant. 1 month from now I will be 18 (so long waiting but now I don't want it!) , 2 months from now I will be with my 2nd family, and 10 months from now I will have to come home ! But there's no need to look so far forward, each simple routine-style day even has it's own little treasures and memories, like meeting  a DJ for two of the best clubs here at the gym, wagging school to spend a glorious day sipping beverages on the beach with some aussie and kiwi exchange students, and getting the friday song stuck in everyone's heads haha!

Also, I made anzac biscuits, they kind of failed. How you might ask? Look, you're talking about the girl that came up with a fried egg, upon direction to make caramel (heh heh good times grace) so yeah. I will try again :)

Also, yes, I did it. Don't judge me. PLEASE don't judge me..I just succumbed to peer pressure and went and made a's super popular here. Don't worry, I don't tweet all the time..maybe..twice a day..haha I maintain that it's to pick up portugese quicker. But it IS good for being in the loop..speaking of's coming along pretty well :)  I'm just so impatient that I want perfection and clarity right NOW but of course these things take time. I'm grateful for everybody being patient with me, they say I'm going well..but you strength lies in swearing haha.

ALSO sorry just one last thing that is lame in australia (other than twitter) that is fully embraced here is CROCS. Ok not fully embraced but one of the coolest kids in my old class wears yeah. Shit got real with that.

Anyway that's it for now! I feel like I deserve an update on everyone else's life now..if we haven't touched bases this year LET'S! I do love to 'stay connected' as facebook suggests :D
Big hugs and many kisses!

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